Gala Information

Helpful information about your first gala. Make sure you have all your kit clearly named:

  • Costume Towel
  • White Hadleigh hat (available at £5.00)
  • Red T-shirt (first one will be supplied for you free)
  • Drink
  • Pack up if required
  • Money for fish & chips if on bus

Warm Up: A warm up list will be read out once you are changed, someone will be at the end to tell you what you are to do in warm up. Practise turns and starts.

At Start: Keep quiet at the start of every race. On the blocks keep very still, do not look at starter. No walking/talking behind block whilst waiting for your race.

Once in the water if your goggles have moved leave them and carry on swimming.

During your race: if your feet are placed on the floor of pool you must not walk, lift feet and carry on swimming.

Turns: You must touch the end of the pool when turning, if you miss then head back and touch wall then carry on.

Freestyle: Good start, tumble if possible, remember to touch wall. Breaststroke: Two handed touch on turn and finish always. One full stroke under only if you can do this.

Backcrawl: DO NOT TURN ONTO FRONT until you have touched the wall.

Butterfly: NO crawl legs, only fly legs. Two handed touch at turns and finish.

At the end of your race, wait in the water until you are told to get out.

Remember there is someone helping with the team, and at the end of lane (at the start). Ask any adult helping or Captain or swimmer if you are not sure.

Most important have fun and enjoy being with your friends.